Not just any pen…but a post-modern ink philosophy!

She is austere and sculptural, with no frills.
A radical vision - eccentric at its best!
Volumes are robust and very déjà-vu.

So avowedly minimalist yet with a vibrant character.

New design for brave cosmpolitan minds. An absolute cult, simply perfect!


A charming proposal…

Sophisticated jewel of bewitching discretion. Feels effortless and blissfully luxurious in its adamantly classic conception. Just a fine bling band and a modernly squared clip.

And it all gains the right spark!

Bon-ton black bottom and a flashy top is the in-thing today.
A truly illuminating split-look for a pen!


The master-key male accessory of all times...

One of the classiest staples proposed anew. Self-assertive and charismatic.

Fundamental posture with a few well recognisable characteristics, left lovably unchanged.

Audacious colour matches do the opticool trick. Decidedly very saudade, for true fans!


New and better basics.

Men’ s capsule collection of fine leather accessories for everyday use with style. Precious seamless technique where details make a quite but powerful statement.

Back in black and guaranteed Italian quality.


Cufflinks – a fascinating neo-vintage revelation!

Well-made objects require unwavering attention to less detail. Futuristic simplicity and semiprecious bling-hues really work.

Feel the night fever!

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