Which mode of pen should I buy?

TIBALDI pen styles are offered in three standard modes: fountain pen, rollerball pen and ballpoint pen. Each of these pens produces a specific ink effect on paper, therefore they generally cater for different purposes and tastes, and may require different writing skills and maintenance efforts.

What is the difference between fountain, rollerball and ballpoint pens?

Fountain pens are an excellent choice for those who are interested in calligraphy, various lettering techniques, pen drawing or simply love to sign with great style. Choose your nib writing grade, ranging from extra-fine to broad or double broad, according to your purpose and personal preference. There is nothing more elegant than the trail of ink on a piece of paper, but be aware that these writing accessories call for certain writing skills and constant attentive care. The fountain pen is unique for its detachable cap, to be kept aside or to be tucked on top of the pen barrel.

The rollerball mode is a prestigious choice of a pen for high performers. These pens are easy-to-use writing instruments with the ballpoint tip running on water-based ink. This particular quality of the rollerball pen makes your writing experience extremely fluid and your stroke always evenly marked. Once the refill inside the pen is over change it with a new one. Please take note that pen refills come in different ballpoint grades. TIBALDI rollerball refills are medium-point 0.7 mm. We advise you to always use original TIBALDI refills. Just as the fountain pen, the rollerball pen mode is fitted with a detachable cap.

Ballpoint pens are one-piece low maintenance writing accessories. The tip of the pen runs on oil-based ink, so when writing you should use more pressure. The ink trace left on paper is less intense. This pen mode works with specific ballpoint refills, please make sure to apply the original TIBALDI model P900M.

***Rollerball and ballpoint refills are not interchangeable.

How to open my TIBALDI pen?

To take off the cap of your fountain or rollerball pen, hold firmly the pen barrel with one hand and screw the cap of the pen clockwise with your other hand, then lift the cap. If you need to refill your fountain or rollerball pen, first lift the pen cap, then twist the pen barrel counterclockwise with one hand, while holding firmly the writing tip with your other hand. The pen will open in its mid-section.

To make your ballpoint pen write, hold firmly the pen cap with one hand and twist gently the bottom part of the pen clockwise. If you need to refill your ballpoint pen, hold firmly the bottom part of the pen with one hand and twist the cap part of the pen with a little pressure counterclockwise.

How to open my PERFECTA pen?

Our unique PERFECTA pens open in the front barrel part, very close to the writing tip.

***For more information on how to use and maintain our writing accessories, please refer to our designated PRODUCT CARE section.

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